The Summit Has A Home!

The Canada International Screenwriters Summit is taking place in August 2017 in Calgary, Alberta – a beautiful city set in the foothills outside the Rocky Mountains in Canada. We want our guests to see the kind of world-class architecture and entertainment that the city has to offer, which is why we are proud to announce that our venue will reflect just that.

Our chosen venue, Theatre Junction Grand in the heart of downtown Calgary, is over a hundred years old, yet remains a hub of the city’s arts culture and a fine example of the majestic architectural style of the city’s older districts. It is a popular spot for plays, premieres, and art shows, as well as being a fixture of the Calgary International Film Festival’s gala series. It combines a classic layout and ambiance with modern technology to create a one-of-a-kind visitor experience. And that’s why we’re going to hold the CISS inside its walls.

Check back soon for more updates, and in the meantime see what’s happening in Calgary. Keep writing and we’ll see you in August!


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