How Can A Summit Help You?

Writing a screenplay is a long process – between learning the formats, developing your idea, and doing your research, it can seem exhausting before you even type the title on the page. But once you’ve powered through, written it out, and polished it up into tip-top shape, you may be thinking….what next?

Many people who write screenplays are not based out of the traditional centres of filmmaking like Los Angeles, Vancouver, or Toronto. For them, it can be difficult to make contacts, follow up on leads, and generally move along the process of bringing their script to life, and it may not be possible to make frequent trips to such cities in order to get deals going. So how can these writers make an impact and get their work off their hard drives and onto the proper desks?

Networking events, such as the Canadian International Screenwriters Summit, are the solution. Bringing together people from all areas of the world into one place, they’re the perfect avenue to present your screenplays and get them vetted, noticed, and recognized for their merits. Workshops, lectures, and masterclasses from industry titans can give you the edge and knowledge that you may lack, and the competition makes sure that the best of each category receive the nods they deserve.

If you’re serious about forging a career in screenwriting, networking with people in the business is a must – and summits like CISS are the best place to start. You’ll gain valuable information, advice, and skills that will take your writing to the next level – and maybe one day you’ll be the one teaching the next generation of screenwriters!


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