About Our Sponsors

An event like the Canadian International Screenwriters Summit wouldn’t be possible without the support of our friends and sponsors across the business. Two of them are well-known players in the screenwriting industry, who have graciously contributed to the creation of CISS and its promotion in several countries around the world.

The great minds behind innovative screenwriting software WriterDuet were among the first to give us their support, and what a perfect pairing it is! Recently selected as an industry standard for China, and with incredible growth in every market around the world, WriterDuet is a convenient web-based app that allows you to easily collaborate and share your work with other writers, create outlines, and keep track of changes and revisions, across all platforms and devices. You can try their free online version, and pick up the full downloadable Pro version for just $139 – a fraction of what you would pay for other software! The top writers in competition at CISS will receive a lifetime subscription to WriterDuet Pro.

Another one of our top sponsors is the International Screenwriters’ Association. This group is dedicated to networking, support, and education, holding group meetings and classes every month in order to help burgeoning writers launch their careers. They also offer consulting services, host contests, connect people with the resources they need for success, and help promote the cause of screenwriters to producers. All in all, they are an invaluable ally for us – one that represents the industry and the people within it, and champions their skills to the world. The top writers in competition at CISS will receive a one-year membership to the ISA Network, allowing them unparalleled access to writing opportunities, education, and interaction with up-and-coming names within filmmaking circles.

Check back in the new year for new sponsors and more prizes to look forward to, if you are chosen as one of the top writers in the CISS categories of competition!

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