Edmonton Screenwriter Goes From Unknown to Next Big Thing on Blacklist

It’s something that’s repeated many times to many aspiring writers: you must live in LA, New York, Toronto, or Vancouver if you want to be a screenwriter. Since that’s where many production companies are based, it makes sense that you’d need to be there to meet them.

But with the advent of the internet, it’s easier than ever to disseminate your work to the people who need to see it, no matter where you are. And in a brilliant display of this new dynamic, the production company Centropolis – headed by blockbuster director Roland Emmerich – has optioned a script by an Edmonton-based screenwriter, Jason Young. Young was one of seven finalists on the 2016 Black List with his feature script, Scarletville. (Here’s a full article on the deal.)

So what does this mean for writers living in other cities?

It means that while it’s no longer as important to be in those hubs full-time, getting the right people to see your work is the key to success in the industry. And how do you find the right people? It’s helpful to email for representation, and to apply for contests…but the most effective way is to go meet the people, face-to-face, at dedicated events. Gatherings like CISS give writers a personalized opportunity to meet with people in the industry and discuss the projects they’re working on, which leads to a more memorable, long-lasting impression.

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