About CISS and #CanIScreenwrite

The Canada International Screenwriters Summit (#CanIScreenwrite) is a three-day conference of discussions, film screenings, table reads, workshops and classes, networking, mock pitching, and an award show, all centred on the art of screenwriting. It is a meeting point for industry professionals and newcomers eager for advice, and aims to increase the knowledge and marketability of Canada’s screenwriting community. This event, created in 2016, is hosted by Summit Director Patrick “pH” Hampton.

Patrick Hampton (Summit Director/Founder)

Hampton has spent the last five years submitting his work to some of the top film festivals and conferences in the world. Through his travels, he has had even his first drafts accepted internationally, and has earned recognition as one of the young up-and-comers to keep your eyes on in entertainment. With experience running from The Indie Gathering to Sundance 2012, Hampton has earned a nickname for himself as “The Cardinal Sinner of Screenwriting”.  He learned where the line is and how you can surpass it with over an 80% acceptance rate among festivals with first drafts!


Taylor Lang (Co-Founder/Copywriter)

CISS co-founder Taylor Lang is an active member in the Calgary music and film community, and is a freelance writer and editor under the company Language by Lang, based in the city. Having connected with Hampton at the Calgary International Film Festival in 2016, he joined the summit in the autumn of that year as a copywriter and editor.

With a background in linguistics and English, and an interest in creatively writing everything from flash fiction to novellas to screenplays, he is the one who catches typos and smooths out the phrasing in all CISS correspondence. When he’s not scanning submissions for grammatical errors, he can be found playing guitar at open mics or traveling around with his wife Sarah.

Taylor & WifeTaylor Lang